Dec 17

ARROW – “The Climb” Discussion

AR309b_0010bI’ve never felt more indifferent towards an ARROW episode, let alone the entire show’s identity, until now. Episode 309, titled “The Climb”, serves as the show’s ‘mid-season finale’ (the phrase becoming overly redundant at this point) before the show resumes around the end of January. What makes this episode give off such an…indifference feel stems from its overall structure. The episode has what any other ‘mid-season finale’ would have – full of reveals, answered questions, and new questions. “The Climb” was overall successful in its execution, but it’s thanks to the obvious plot holes and editing inconsistencies that make it shy from perfect. Though, it’s one great ride start to finish.

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Dec 11

ARROW – “The Brave and the Bold” Discussion

flashvsarrowjpg-e14ea2_1280wCrossovers can be a very tricky thing to pull off. On one hand, you can connect each series into a ‘Part 1’ and a ‘Part 2’, requiring the reader/viewer/etc. to subscribe themselves to a series they might not be accustomed to – or, you can make them separate installments with a few things tying into one another so audience members don’t find themselves in confusion. ARROW tried the latter with the conclusion to the two-part crossover with sister series The Flash; and surprisingly yielded great results. In a current season full of both strong and weak episodes; “The Brave and the Bold” gives ARROW a ‘fun’ episode for a change.

By ‘fun’, I’m simply implying that the episode doesn’t really tie-in to all the previous episodes of ARROW or The Flash, and instead can practically stand as a fun 2-hour short film. There are intersperses of plot points here and there between both shows, and being acquainted with the characters does help, but both “Flash vs. Arrow” (The Flash portion of the crossover) and “The Brave and the Bold” succeed in seemly doing the impractical.

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Dec 06

Super Smash Bros…. The forgotten fighters

The newest installment of Super Smash Bros. is now released and with the expanding roster I can not help but take a look back at the past characters that are no longer in the game. Here is a list of former characters and what they brought to the table.  I hope that all these characters return as DLC.   Read the rest of this entry »


The Top 10 Zelda Secondary Dungeons!

A bit later than our usual annual Zelda video…but in keeping with tradition, we count down the Top 10 Zelda dungeons that one might not immediately think of when imagining the game experience.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, liked, shared, commented, or just plain watched our videos for the past 2 YEARS! It’s amazing to see where our videos started then, and how we strive to make better videos for you all day after day.

Here’s to another great year with SupeReal Productions!



Nov 27

ARROW – “Draw Back Your Bow” Discussion

AR307a_177bSeason 3 of ARROW has been a very mixed bag so far. With Season 1, the show kicked things off with an incredible pilot; yet immediately faltered only to slowly become better. By the 9th episode of the first season, things really became interesting. With Season 2 however, things immediately started on a great note, and kept things on an overall good pace throughout the season. As viewers do we want consistency, or great moments followed by a few stale ones? Season 3 has certainly had its share of great moments, but it’s also had its share of poor moments. Episode 307, titled “Draw Back Your Bow” perhaps is the lowest moment to ever come from the season, let alone from ARROW.

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Nov 27

Link & Zelda Hyrule Warriors Costumes to Appear in Samarai Warriors

SWC3(First featured on Although Hyrule Warriors sold much better than Nintendo anticipated, it isn’t the first game to be spawned from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Its sister series, Samurai Warriors, has had numerous games released across multiple platforms since its first game back in 2004. The latest entry, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 for the 3DS, will be featuring costumes for Link and Zelda from Hyrule Warriors.

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Nov 20

ARROW – “Guilty” Discussion

AR306b_0456bThere are instances where you’ll find enjoyment of a television program for the utmost minor things. An episode can be plagued with inconsistency and lack of focus; yet there are plenty of strong, redeeming moments that help solidify it as a great entry. That would be the latest episode of ARROW – which is Episode 206, titled “Guilty”. What promises to be an episode focused around Roy Harper instead tends to put major focus on a guest character. It was ultimately a huge mistake to do something like that, but it still ended up being a good episode.

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Nov 14

SupeReal Commentaries: “Mario Kart 8 Zelda DLC”

2692282-zelda1The Zelda DLC for Mario Kart 8 is finally here so we’ll be taking you through the 4 courses from the Triforce Cup with our favorite hero Link using the Hyrule motorbike.

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Nov 13

ARROW: First Look at Black Canary

AR310A_BTS_1337ra.cLaurel Lance is going through a character arc in the current Season of ARROW that will eventually shape her into Black Canary – a major character from the Green Arrow mythos. The CW have released an official photo of Laurel in her ‘Canary’ attire, which will debut on Episode 10 of the third season of Arrow.

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Nov 10

Possible Majora’s Mask 3DS Release Date

CTR_ZeldaMM_TS_EUR_DUMMYUpdate: It’s worth noting that it was never actually announced for a February release date. The trailer had stated that it was a Spring 2015 release. It was just initially listed for a February 15th release on the Nintendo of Europe website.

(First featured on I’m sure we are all aware that Majora’s Mask is now being remade for the 3DS as there have been many articles here on Zelda Dungeon recently providing info on the game that has been dreamt of since the Ocarina of Time remake back in 2011. There was info to suggest it would be released on February 15th 2015 but, unfortunately, it seems as though the release date has already been pushed back.

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