Sep 22

Unboxing Hyrule Warriors Special Edition

hyrule-warriorsHyrule Warriors was released in the UK today, and I picked mine up first thing this morning. As soon as I got home I unboxed it. Check out what comes within Hyrule Warriors: Special Edition!

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Sep 19

ARROW Season 3 Preview — with Ra’s al Ghul [PARODY]

10570518_457790574358980_2896331422953117_nSupeReal Productions presents the first ‘summer’ project: creating a parody of ARROW’s third season trailer! Directed by Justin Palmer and photographed by Justin Loskarn, the parody will have fans laughing and (in some cases) confused. Be sure to watch the original trailer before viewing the parody – and enjoy! Starring: Justin Palmer, Jibri Faison, Elyse Brown, and Ryan Thomas.

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Aug 29

Shulk’s Inclusion for Smash Bros Confirms Leak List

screen-1shulkEarlier this week, the complete roster for the new Super Smash Bros game (for the Wii U and 3DS) was leaked. Coming as almost no surprise; the same instance happened just before Brawl was released in early 2008. However, this wasn’t necessarily 100% confirmed…that is, until today. Nintendo officially announced the inclusion of Xenoblade Chronicles’ protagonist Shulk – which thanks to his art/gameplay matching the leaked information, it practically confirms that the leaked list was true. Continue reading for the full list of characters!

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Aug 21

Top 5 Summons in Golden Sun: The Lost Age

LAI have loved the Golden Sun games ever since they came out all those years ago and one of the great aspects of the games is the summons. The ones is Golden Sun were good but The Lost Age had all of those summons and more. Here I count down my top 5 summons from Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

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Aug 15

Haste the Day Reunites, New Album Coming

haste-the-dayAround February, the Christian Metalcore band Haste the Day announced they would be playing a reunion show in early May. Due to the surprising success of their show (it was sold out AND people from all across the country flew into see this one concert), there was heavy speculation that the band would be getting back together to create a new album. With bands such as Still Remains and It Dies Today reuniting and making albums, it was only a matter of time until it was Haste the Day’s turn. However, their reunion comes with a very unique twist. A twist that fans of the band will very much appreciate…

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Aug 13

Meta Knight Returns in Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

screen-2Coming as no surprise (and most likely will get banned again from tournament play), Meta Knight joins the already-massive roster for the new Super Smash Bros game for the Wii U and 3DS. From the Kirby series; his inclusion comes as no surprise, as creator of the Smash Bros. series Masahiro Sakurai has also created the Kirby series.

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Watch: Gannondorf in Hyrule Warriors

With the release date of Hyrule Warriors approaching, Nintendo has unveiled one of the last characters available for the roster. It’s the Gerudo King himself – Gannondorf.

Aug 01

When Disney Goes Metal

Betraying-the-Martyrs-PhantomHave you ever wondered what a Disney song would sound like if a metal band covered it? While there’s been tons of variations on that concept, sure – there hasn’t really been a band like — say — Betraying the Martyrs that decide to tackle it. Piggybacking off the success of Disney’s Frozen, Betraying the Martyrs have done a cover of the Grammy Award-winning song, “Let It Go” as the first single for their new album Phantoms.

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Jul 30

Deadpool’s Awesome Test-Footage

deadpool-official-103859Rumors have been circulating the internet for years. Since the release of the generally-agreed abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there was heavy rumor of a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Turns out a movie was actually in works, with test footage from the movie being leaked online.

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Jul 26

Hyrule Warriors Coming to Hyper Japan

Hyper-J-2014(First featured on Every year a convention is held in London to celebrate all things Japanese including food, anime and video games. Nintendo previously announced several games that would appear at the convention, but it has now been announced that Hyrule Warriors will also be among them.

Take the jump for more info!

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