May 21

ARROW – “My Name is Oliver Queen” Discussion

AR323B_0009bWe’ve sure come a long way since the beginning of ARROW. Seriously; watch the pilot of the show, and then watch the Season 3 finale “My Name is Oliver Queen” and you’ll see the drastic difference ranging from tone, character dynamics, and vibe. It’s clever how the show gradually has evolved from a vigilante show into a full-fledged superhero show (for better or worse) – easing the audience in episode by episode until you realize you’re observing something different. Maybe it was because of this why Season 3 was such a polarizing season for many (including myself). It had its highs, its lows, and just okays; and never really felt as if it was going towards a specific destination. Episode 323 of ARROW is a very strong episode for the show, and a very impressive season finale…in terms of what the writers/showrunners had to work with. That’s how I’ll be judging this episode of ARROW, but I won’t go without mentioning some of the head-scratchers and continuity errors in it – but the episode is so enjoyable that most of these come across as very minor (sort of like 304’s “The Magician”).

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May 13

ARROW – “This is Your Sword” Discussion

ar322b-0019b-134505I’m loving this ongoing tradition of naming the penultimate episode for each season of ARROW after a Bruce Springsteen song. We got “Darkness on the Edge of Town” for Season 1, “Streets of Fire” for Season 2, and now “This is Your Sword” for Season 3. All of these titles are well-used, as they play generally right into what happens in the episode. This episode basically does just that, and like the other penultimate episodes, sets up what’s coming for the finale. Episode 322 ended up being a very entertaining ride beginning to end; but as Season 3’s overall been a jumbled mess, the stakes didn’t feel nearly as high as previous seasons. Kudos to the writing team for wanting to try something new instead of putting the entire city in chaos – at least, that’s what was generally assumed what was going to happen until this episode played out.

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May 06

ARROW – “Al Sah-him” Discussion

AR321A_0160bARROW can basically go in one of two directions at this point, and either direction would provide interesting material leading up to the Season 3 finale. There’s no doubt that this current season has been beyond wishy-washy; characters seem to be focused on one situation, and then easily sidetracked to something else. Perhaps this all stems back to the first episode “The Calm”, in which the events of that episode sparked a chain reaction building up to our current episode “Al Sah-him”. Episode 321 manages to almost not even feel like an ARROW episode. The tone is different, the vibe is different, and some characters act…different. But where there’s confusion amongst this strange direction of an episode gives way to two solid reveals – indicating the overall path of the last two episodes.

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Apr 29

ARROW – “The Fallen” Discussion

233419…and the fangirls go wild! It’s safe to say that a good portion of the ARROW fanbase are people who thrive on the CW-esque drama. They crave certain character pairings; and ever since the introduction of Felicity Smoak’s character in Season 1 – there has been the “Olicity” term dubbed for the said pairing of Oliver and Felicity. Personally, I’m not a fan of this kind of stuff…but if it’s executed well, I can’t necessarily complain. That’s where “The Fallen”, Episode 320, has me stuck in the middle. This episode is a monumental episode in terms of the things it sets up, as well as the overall aftermath of the previous couple of episodes. On the other hand though, there’s a huge bulk of the episode that reeks of fan-service in almost, ALMOST a poor way.

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Apr 22

ARROW – “Broken Arrow” Discussion

Arrow-319-2-600x436What I initially liked about ARROW was how it basically started off as an everyday crime drama with a splash of ‘vigilante superhero’ thrown in there. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still very entertaining. Come Season 2; ARROW struck a perfect balance between a show evoking realism and superhero material. Since The Flash has been happening, this has had the show now crossover with the universe of that show – which saw the introduction of legitimate superpowers on ARROW. On top of that…we’re now presented with a legitimate superpower-charged villain in Episode 319, titled “Broken Arrow”. If you’re like me and feel that superpowers don’t belong on this show, then you might not have a good time with this entry. Though, I will admit I warmed up quite a bit to this episode after I just rolled with what was happening.

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Apr 15

ARROW – “Public Enemy” Discussion

AR318B_0009b-1Three seasons in, and ARROW is clearly looking to develop a lot of seasonal ‘traditions’. I’ve mentioned this before in previous discussion posts…but we’ve got things like a flashback-focused episode around episodes 14-15 of the current season, a Huntress appearance in episode 17 (though this season we got Suicide Squad instead…it overall did fit, as Season 2’s Suicide Squad episode was Episode 16), and the penultimate episode being named after a Bruce Springsteen song (that’s coming up, don’t worry). What seems to be the most impactful and perhaps best tradition is the concept of having a monster of an episode around the Episode 16-18 mark. This type of episode usually delivers, and gives the audience a clear indication of where things are headed for the rest of the season. Season 1, we were treated with “Dead to Rights”, a fantastic episode that had plot points converge and set up the threat for the eventual finale. Season 2 was “Deathstroke”, which could arguably be one of ARROW’s best episodes. This time around, we’ve got “Public Enemy” – which is Episode 318. While it’s an incredible episode in terms of scale and escalation, it retcons on a lot of different things; which perhaps gives the episode a bit of a downfall. To add to it, I’m honestly still unsure where this season is going.

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Deadpool Rated PG-13? Well, He Won’t Have It.

An exclusive interview with Ryan Reynolds, the star of the now-filming “Deadpool” due to hit theaters next year, talks about the movie being potentially rated PG-13. Deadpool? PG-13?!? Nonsense. Just watch to see what happens.


Mar 31

ARROW – “Suicidal Tendencies” Discussion

ar317a0370bjpg-10ae08_624wAround this time two years ago, ARROW had just finished one of its best episodes to date, and continued onwards with a somewhat conclusion to the Helena Bertinelli, AKA The Huntress arc. That was the 17th episode of Season 1, titled “The Huntress Returns”. One year ago, the 17th episode of Season 2 was seemingly trying to make a tradition by having The Huntress return in “Birds of Prey”. One would think that this tradition would continue this season, but in both a good and bad sense; it’s dropped. That’s the thing though with this current season of ARROW – a lot of their supposed traditions are being dropped. We’re instead treated for this episode of ARROW as being a return for the Suicide Squad, yet it’s not the Suicide Squad we remember. “Suicidal Tendencies” is an attempt to make B-plots relevant, but a failure in that sense. However, the episode is not without its great moments.

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Mar 24

ARROW – “The Offer” Discussion

6141684_origARROW can be praised for its effort in trying to elevate the overall ‘tension factor’ of Season 3 with tonight’s episode. It overall ended up being more of a drama-focused episode with very little action, along with a few reveals to help boost interest for the eventual end of the season. Though, “The Offer” still felt very drama-heavy (though much less than the previous Episode 315) and again had characters backtracking on things they initially stood for.

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Mar 16

ARROW’s Mid-Season Trailer

AR306b_0236bARROW always releases a trailer promoting their new season, as well as a ‘mid-season trailer’, which showcases events to come. At this year’s PaleyFest, creators/executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg dropped a brand new trailer showcasing what’s going down for the rest of the season. Looks like there’s A LOT of change happening.

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