Nov 20

ARROW – “Guilty” Discussion

AR306b_0456bThere are instances where you’ll find enjoyment of a television program for the utmost minor things. An episode can be plagued with inconsistency and lack of focus; yet there are plenty of strong, redeeming moments that help solidify it as a great entry. That would be the latest episode of ARROW – which is Episode 206, titled “Guilty”. What promises to be an episode focused around Roy Harper instead tends to put major focus on a guest character. It was ultimately a huge mistake to do something like that, but it still ended up being a good episode.

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SupeReal Commentaries: “Mario Kart 8 Zelda DLC”

The Zelda DLC for Mario Kart 8 is finally here so we’ll be taking you through the 4 courses from the Triforce Cup with our favorite hero Link using the Hyrule motorbike.


Nov 13

ARROW: First Look at Black Canary

AR310A_BTS_1337ra.cLaurel Lance is going through a character arc in the current Season of ARROW that will eventually shape her into Black Canary – a major character from the Green Arrow mythos. The CW have released an official photo of Laurel in her ‘Canary’ attire, which will debut on Episode 10 of the third season of Arrow.

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Nov 10

Possible Majora’s Mask 3DS Release Date

CTR_ZeldaMM_TS_EUR_DUMMYUpdate: It’s worth noting that it was never actually announced for a February release date. The trailer had stated that it was a Spring 2015 release. It was just initially listed for a February 15th release on the Nintendo of Europe website.

(First featured on I’m sure we are all aware that Majora’s Mask is now being remade for the 3DS as there have been many articles here on Zelda Dungeon recently providing info on the game that has been dreamt of since the Ocarina of Time remake back in 2011. There was info to suggest it would be released on February 15th 2015 but, unfortunately, it seems as though the release date has already been pushed back.

Take the jump for more info.

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Nov 09

ARROW – “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” Discussion

AR305a_0020bI’ve got to be honest – I felt completely indifferent when I first heard about an episode dedicated to Felicity Smoak’s origins. For being a one-shot character that gained massive fan support turning her into a full cast member is truly remarkable for the show, but an origin story? With a potential ‘complicated past’ like Oliver and Diggle? It felt…off to begin with. Episode 305 of ARROW, titled “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”, ended up being a colossal disappointment in almost all senses – yet is an episode that will definitely please any die-hard Felicity fans.



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Nov 09

SupeReal Productions’ Impressions of Super Smash Bros

SmashWiiUBoxartSit tight – because we’ll be doing a long discussion of the highly-anticipated discussion of the new Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo Wii U. Look out for the video on November 22nd!

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Nov 06

ARROW – “The Magician” Discussion

AR304b_0280bNow THAT’S how you do a 50th episode! Until this point, the third season of ARROW has been very entertaining and exciting – but still couldn’t live up to the consistently great episodes that Season 2 delivered right out of the gate. Granted, this season is still much better than the start of Season 1…but there still doesn’t feel like there was enough substance other than the ongoing mystery surrounding the season. “The Magician”, aka Episode 304, aka the 50th episode, accomplished quite a lot. It introduced a whole new element to the ongoing story of the season and paid proper homages to the first two seasons of the show.

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Nov 02

7 Minutes or Less: Hyrule Warriors

7MoL Hyrule WarriorsIt’s pretty obvious I’m a HUGE Zelda fan and although I can’t wait for Zelda Wii U to be released next year (already got it pre-ordered, all we need now is a release date!) I ended up getting massively caught up in the hype for Hyrule Warriors. Although I’ve only briefly dabbled in Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors looked amazing. In this instalment of 7 Minutes or Less I see whether the spin was a good idea or if the hype just set the game up to fail.

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Oct 27

7 Minutes or Less: “Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1″

7MoL S4E1 Cover image7 Minutes or Less continues with a look back at a game that essentially jumpstarted Sonic the Hedgehog back to mainstream success. It’s Sonic 4 – Episode 1!

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Oct 24

ARROW – “Corto Maltese” Discussion

AR303a_0127bThe team takes a field trip in the latest installment of ARROW, leaving behind any possible continuation of the mystery last covered in the previous two episodes (minus the beginning perhaps, where we saw the obligatory Arrow in action scene). Whether this is a good or bad thing really depends on your commitment to characters; but episode 303, titled “Corto Maltese”, overall ends up being a filler-type episode (a rarity for ARROW nowadays), yet does have a few interesting elements scattered throughout it.

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