Jul 26

Hyrule Warriors Coming to Hyper Japan

Hyper-J-2014(First featured on ZeldaDungeon.net) Every year a convention is held in London to celebrate all things Japanese including food, anime and video games. Nintendo previously announced several games that would appear at the convention, but it has now been announced that Hyrule Warriors will also be among them.

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ARROW: Season 3 Trailer

The DC-portion of Comic-Con has begun, and the TV side kicked things off with a bang with the premiere of the ARROW Season 3 trailer.


Jul 23

ARROW: First Look at Arsenal

arrow_602x800Building up the anticipation for the Season 3 trailer this Saturday, the team at ARROW (alongside Entertainment Weekly) have unveiled the new version of Roy Harper for this upcoming season. Using the codename “Arsenal” (just like in the comics), his look seems to be a perfect fit within Team Arrow.

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Jul 14

Three New Smash Bros. Characters

illustInstead of a usual Nintendo Direct to continue announcing new Smash Bros. characters, the team behind the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS instead opted to make an announcement video. While the announcement was stated to be for just one new character, today brought on the announcement of three new characters added to the roster.

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Jul 11

The Word Alive’s New Music Video

REAL_cover_final_340As the album Real. was released about a month ago, The Word Alive have premiered the first music video/single to come from their new record released under Fearless Records. Arguably the ‘safest’ song to release as a single, “Lighthouse” features crowd-chanting melodies melded with glistening lead guitar lines.

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Jul 09

ARROW Season 3 News: Will the Premiere be a Flashback Episode?

ARROW-745x1024We admit it; we haven’t been keeping up-to-date with ARROW news over the summer. Realistically, we were aiming to do a recap of all the ARROW Season 3 stuff in a ‘Spoiler Chat’ come September. But, as today marks the day the crew begin shooting Season 3 – it seems right to talk about all the recent announcements regarding the new season of ARROW, as well as a few things related to the spin-off show, The Flash.

Perhaps the biggest question stemming from all of this though is: will the premiere of ARROW’s Season 3 be a flashback-focused episode? We’ll break down the possibilities.

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Jul 08

Aonuma’s Most Enjoyable Element of the Zelda Series

Eiji(First featured ZeldaDungeon.net) We are all here for the same reason: we love the Zelda series. I’m sure all of us have had debates regarding which game is the best or which boss is the most fun to battle, and we all have our own reason for liking each game. Whether it’s the puzzles, stories, combat or some other reason, there’s something about these games that keeps us playing them. In an interview withNintendo News, a new online magazine by Nintendo, Eiji Aonuma shares what he think to be the most enjoyable element in a Zelda game.

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Jun 29

7 Minutes or Less: “Mega Man X”

Mega_Man_X_CoverartThough this is going to be the last 7 Minutes or Less for a little while we have plenty more things to come! On this occasion I’m having a look at Mega Man X for the Wii Virtual Console. There is a lot of hype around the series, especially after it was announced Mega Man will be in the new Smash Bros game, but does the game live up to the praise? Let’s take a look and find out!

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Jun 27

Arkham Knight at E3

Batman-Arkham-KnightE3 delivered on quite a good amount of fronts, specifically a gameplay-footage trailer of the new Arkham Knight game coming to the next-gen consoles. The core elements of the gameplay look to be in the same fashion as the previous Arkham games, but as expected; the Batmobile will be a new addition that will help drive the gameplay to the next level.

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Jun 20

Justin Patrick Palmer – “Caught Without Wings”

Caught Without Wings Single CoverA music/animation project of sorts, this is my new song titled “Caught Without Wings”! For fans of the metal/hardcore/alternative music scene, this song is probably within your range.

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