Apr 15

ARROW – “Public Enemy” Discussion

AR318B_0009b-1Three seasons in, and ARROW is clearly looking to develop a lot of seasonal ‘traditions’. I’ve mentioned this before in previous discussion posts…but we’ve got things like a flashback-focused episode around episodes 14-15 of the current season, a Huntress appearance in episode 17 (though this season we got Suicide Squad instead…it overall did fit, as Season 2’s Suicide Squad episode was Episode 16), and the penultimate episode being named after a Bruce Springsteen song (that’s coming up, don’t worry). What seems to be the most impactful and perhaps best tradition is the concept of having a monster of an episode around the Episode 16-18 mark. This type of episode usually delivers, and gives the audience a clear indication of where things are headed for the rest of the season. Season 1, we were treated with “Dead to Rights”, a fantastic episode that had plot points converge and set up the threat for the eventual finale. Season 2 was “Deathstroke”, which could arguably be one of ARROW’s best episodes. This time around, we’ve got “Public Enemy” – which is Episode 318. While it’s an incredible episode in terms of scale and escalation, it retcons on a lot of different things; which perhaps gives the episode a bit of a downfall. To add to it, I’m honestly still unsure where this season is going.

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Deadpool Rated PG-13? Well, He Won’t Have It.

An exclusive interview with Ryan Reynolds, the star of the now-filming “Deadpool” due to hit theaters next year, talks about the movie being potentially rated PG-13. Deadpool? PG-13?!? Nonsense. Just watch to see what happens.


Mar 31

ARROW – “Suicidal Tendencies” Discussion

ar317a0370bjpg-10ae08_624wAround this time two years ago, ARROW had just finished one of its best episodes to date, and continued onwards with a somewhat conclusion to the Helena Bertinelli, AKA The Huntress arc. That was the 17th episode of Season 1, titled “The Huntress Returns”. One year ago, the 17th episode of Season 2 was seemingly trying to make a tradition by having The Huntress return in “Birds of Prey”. One would think that this tradition would continue this season, but in both a good and bad sense; it’s dropped. That’s the thing though with this current season of ARROW – a lot of their supposed traditions are being dropped. We’re instead treated for this episode of ARROW as being a return for the Suicide Squad, yet it’s not the Suicide Squad we remember. “Suicidal Tendencies” is an attempt to make B-plots relevant, but a failure in that sense. However, the episode is not without its great moments.

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Mar 24

ARROW – “The Offer” Discussion

6141684_origARROW can be praised for its effort in trying to elevate the overall ‘tension factor’ of Season 3 with tonight’s episode. It overall ended up being more of a drama-focused episode with very little action, along with a few reveals to help boost interest for the eventual end of the season. Though, “The Offer” still felt very drama-heavy (though much less than the previous Episode 315) and again had characters backtracking on things they initially stood for.

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Mar 16

ARROW’s Mid-Season Trailer

AR306b_0236bARROW always releases a trailer promoting their new season, as well as a ‘mid-season trailer’, which showcases events to come. At this year’s PaleyFest, creators/executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg dropped a brand new trailer showcasing what’s going down for the rest of the season. Looks like there’s A LOT of change happening.

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Mar 12

7 Minutes or Less: “Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric”

Sonic Boom 7MoL YouTube CardThe latest 7 Minutes or Less involves taking a look at the game that many are calling one of the ‘worst licensed games’ out there, and possibly the worst Sonic game ever made. Is it worth checking out? Watch the video to find out.

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Mar 11

ARROW – “Nanda Parbat” Discussion

arrow-0315-nanda-parbat-10--124208ARROW has officially succumbed to being CW-ified. I stated my worries about this happening on occasions during my Season 1 discussion posts, and also on some posts for Season 2. To explain; “CW-ified” simply means sparking drama for almost no reason whatsoever. That’s the bulk of the latest installment, Episode 315 “Nanda Parbat”. It’s an episode that ultimately does deliver on being an entertaining watch, but unfortunately feels more ‘soap opera-y’ than what ARROW usually is.

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Feb 26

ARROW – “The Return” Discussion

arrow-the-returnIt’s been a wild ride, these past couple episodes of ARROW. We’re treated to a mini-arc without the show’s protagonist, then an episode that practically gives every character a shining moment, and now we’re given…a loveletter to the entire series. Strange; but Episode 314 feels almost like the 50th episode that the producers wanted to air, yet due to plot evolution couldn’t. “The Return” acts as our Flashback-Focused episode of the season, yet in contrast to the past two seasons, hardly feels like this type of episode. Perhaps that’s due to the advancements in the present day, or perhaps it’s due to the flashbacks seemingly tying up almost ALL loose ends from Season 1. For those who have kept mental notes of things that the producers need to address, this episode does it majestically.

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Feb 25


Power-Rangers-Fan-Film-2A project that was kept well-under wraps for the longest time, the fan film is an adaptation of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series from the 1990′s. Utilizing a much darker tone, director Joseph Kahn (most notable for directing a slew of music videos, as well as the film Torque), and producer Adi Shankar (most notable for producing DREDD and Lone Survivor) create a unique Power Rangers world that should please anyone, and definitely will please any fan of the older series. The film runs for about 15 minutes, and stars James Van Der Beek as Rocky DeSantos (the 2nd Red Ranger), and Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly (the Pink Ranger).

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Feb 19

ARROW – “Canaries” Discussion

Arrow-313-21-600x440ARROW tends to do this thing where they tease an upcoming episode, showcasing the apparent central concept in the episode; when in reality, it’s something completely different. This happened in Season 1’s “The Odyssey”, Season 2’s “Seeing Red”, and as of now Season 3’s “Canaries”. Episode 313 was a fantastic, almost revelation status episode of ARROW. While it juggled tons of different plotlines, it managed to accomplish something that the show hasn’t done since the second season – which was giving every character a defining, great moment.


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