Feb 26

ARROW – “The Return” Discussion

arrow-the-returnIt’s been a wild ride, these past couple episodes of ARROW. We’re treated to a mini-arc without the show’s protagonist, then an episode that practically gives every character a shining moment, and now we’re given…a loveletter to the entire series. Strange; but Episode 314 feels almost like the 50th episode that the producers wanted to air, yet due to plot evolution couldn’t. “The Return” acts as our Flashback-Focused episode of the season, yet in contrast to the past two seasons, hardly feels like this type of episode. Perhaps that’s due to the advancements in the present day, or perhaps it’s due to the flashbacks seemingly tying up almost ALL loose ends from Season 1. For those who have kept mental notes of things that the producers need to address, this episode does it majestically.

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A project that was kept well-under wraps for the longest time, the fan film is an adaptation of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series from the 1990′s. Utilizing a much darker tone, director Joseph Kahn (most notable for directing a slew of music videos, as well as the film Torque), and producer Adi Shankar (most notable for producing DREDD and Lone Survivor) create a unique Power Rangers world that should please anyone, and definitely will please any fan of the older series. The film runs for about 15 minutes, and stars James Van Der Beek as Rocky DeSantos (the 2nd Red Ranger), and Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly (the Pink Ranger).


The funniest thing is, this was actually intended as a parody of sorts…trying to take the concept of making a ‘dark, gritty movie’ and going all the way with it. Check it out!


Feb 19

ARROW – “Canaries” Discussion

Arrow-313-21-600x440ARROW tends to do this thing where they tease an upcoming episode, showcasing the apparent central concept in the episode; when in reality, it’s something completely different. This happened in Season 1’s “The Odyssey”, Season 2’s “Seeing Red”, and as of now Season 3’s “Canaries”. Episode 313 was a fantastic, almost revelation status episode of ARROW. While it juggled tons of different plotlines, it managed to accomplish something that the show hasn’t done since the second season – which was giving every character a defining, great moment.


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Feb 12

ARROW – “Uprising” Discussion

AR312B_0194bFor an episode that had a lot riding on it, an episode that was supposed to be a grand finale of a 3-part mini-series; ARROW’s 12th episode of Season 3 did succeed in bringing a sense of closure to the 3-parter, yet somehow felt that there was more to be desired. “Uprising” took a surprising turn in being a focus story for Malcolm Merlyn instead of the dynamic that Team Arrow has been utilizing with Oliver Queen’s temporary absence, which ended up stinging the overall vibe of the episode – yet this wasn’t an awful episode of ARROW. No, it was a good episode…a very good one, in fact.

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Feb 05

ARROW – “Midnight City” Discussion

AR311A_0280bColor me surprised. I was almost dreading (yet somewhat curious about) the three episode mini-arc that introduces the character of Brick, and removes Oliver Queen from the equation temporarily. The main issue that worried me was if all these secondary characters could carry a story on their own; and of course they actually did. Episode 311 of ARROW, titled “Midnight City” (weird title name), saw Roy Harper taking a more definitive lead within Team Arrow – but not without solid support from both Felicity, Diggle, and newcomer to crime-fighting Laurel.

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Feb 03

ARROW: First Look at The Atom

ArrowARROW’s third season has (so far) been giving a thematic theme of origin and rebirth for many of the characters throughout the show. The season began with Roy Harper reborn as Arsenal (his origin story was told last season), and now the season has progressed to Laurel Lance and Ray Palmer both having origin stories for their eventual fates as Black Canary and The Atom, respectively. Last November, we were given a promotional picture of Laurel in her Black Canary get-up - and currently on ARROW, she’s rocking it. Now it’s Ray Palmer’s turn, as he suits up as The Atom.

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Jan 29

ARROW – “Left Behind” Discussion

arrowleftbehind…and we’re back. ARROW left us definitely on the edge of our seats after the midseason finale titled “The Climb”, but thanks to the current episode of 310 titled “Left Behind”, we can rest comfortably in our seats again while watching the madness unfold (sort-of). Usually post mid-season finale episodes of ARROW (we’re looking at you “Burned” and “Blast Radius”) tend to be fairly lackluster. In fact, those both were the two worst episodes of each season respectively. Producers Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Greg Berlanti wanted to change things up this time around though and have Season 3’s post mid-season finale episode be even stronger than the previous. Surprisingly, they succeeded.

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Jan 28

7 Minutes or Less: “Master Reboot”

7MoL Master reboot cardFor this instalment of 7 Minutes or Less, Kev reviews Master Reboot by Wales Interactive. While it was listed on the Wii U’s Nintendo eShop as a ‘first person action adventure’ game it ended up having a horror element but did this work in the game’s favour? Let’s take a look!

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Jan 21

Halo 5 Beta Commentary

Halo-5-BeaaJustin, Geoff, and Other Justin talk about the new beta for Halo 5. It’s really cool.

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Jan 20

The Flash: Midseason Report

THE-FLASH-Full-Suit-Image-610x1011The concept of a ‘spinoff’ show always seemed to throw me off, personally. Most of these instances came from a character gaining surprise popularity, and then creating a show based around the breakout said character. Most of the time, this concept falls flat on its face – but not for instances like The CW’s The Flash, where a character was introduced in ARROW for the sole purpose of having a spin-off, as well as providing support for arguably one of ARROW’s biggest episodes to date (Season 2’s “Three Ghosts”). ARROW’s second season welcomed in Barry Allen, who assisted Team Arrow in episodes “The Scientist” and “Three Ghosts”. Later on, S.T.A.R. Lab employees Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon were introduced in “The Man Under the Hood” to provide more subtle exposition for this upcoming spinoff. Originally the episode in which Caitlin and Cisco made their first appearance was to actually be a backdoor pilot for The Flash. To those uninformed, it’s an episode that while having importance in the main show’s storyline, acts as a tool to give emphasis on the characters said show would spin off from. It was a smart decision on The CW’s half to just give The Flash the green light in making a standalone pilot episode, as with the ongoing storm in ARROW’s Season 2, a backdoor pilot for The Flash would have felt really out of place. Not to mention, in “The Man Under the Hood”, Caitlin and Cisco’s appearances felt really out of place to begin with…but it wasn’t on the lines of ‘so glaring it detracted from the episode’. In fact, “The Man Under the Hood” was one of the best episodes of the Second Season, with “Three Ghosts” (featuring Barry Allen) being the best episode to come from Season 2 of ARROW.

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