Oct 30

Game Review: “Pikmin 3″

objectThe long awaited Pikmin 3 was released a few months ago and I just finished the story mode.  I figured instead of waiting 10 years until I can call it a retro review…I would just do it now.  The first two Pikmin games were released on the Nintendo GameCube and the only Pikmin-related release on the Wii was the “New Play Control!” version.

Pikmin 3 stays true to the Pikmin franchise and offers up a great experience.  Old and new characters appear, so I will try my best to keep this spoiler free. There are two new types of Pikmin, the rock type and flying type Pikmin; which are a fantastic addition to the franchise.

Story: The story is kind of simple. A group of characters go to a planet in search of seeds and find the helpful ‘Pikmin’ which are plant-like animal creatures.  Along the way, the mission changes with a few plot twists. A quest of finding data chips enhances the story.  Grade B+

Game Play: The same game play as the other two Pikmin games. Control the character that you want to lead the Pikmin. The characters can split up into three groups to give the Pikmin orders.  A different type of a RTS game.  All missions are time based, you have about 20 minutes to explore an area and get out, which makes it really fun.  Grade A

Controls: The WiiU game pad offers a little bonus control. With it, you can now map out routes for characters to go, which I only use to get back to base camp.  The controls run smoothly and if the WiiU pad isn’t your thing, there are other controller options.  Grade A

Replayability: The game takes some time to beat. To collect all the necessary fruit, you’ll need to return to places and do a lot of exploring. There are also cool missions and co-op players that will keep you busy. That said, I have yet to find any bonuses for beating the game.  Grade B+

Graphics: My brother saw me playing this game in my room and said “wow those are some nice graphics”. If that’s just an initial glance; I think that says it all. The game’s HD graphics are beautiful and each world looks fantastic.  Grade A++

Music: The music is catchy and joyful, very well composed.  The music never gets in the way and sets a nice background.  Grade B

Overall: Fantastic game, very well done and it looks beautiful.  People that love the first two Pikmin games will absolutely love this game.  It can get difficult but never not fun.  A truly great addition to the WiiU family.  The few drawbacks are that the purple and white Pikmin are only available for the Mission levels and not the story mode.  The purple and white Pikmin could have been a nice bonus for beating the game.  Grade A

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Brian Hradsky

Brian Hradsky is the co-designer of SupeReal Media and owner of http://marylandsportsblog.com. He'll occasionally post about Nintendo, or other comic-related things.


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  1. SteveO

    Simply put, this game is inferior in almost every way shape and form to the previous entries in terms of gameplay. It ranges from little issues such as the character not adjusting to the camera when moving which forces you to stop moving just to recenter and fixed camera angles which force you to move around until it breaks free, to big problems such as guiding the Pikmin with the C-Stick being taken out entirely or the fact that the whistle ranges is far too sensitive and does not cover nearly enough space as it needs to. My biggest problem however, comes from organization. The areas are now so big that they require load screens to change areas which are actually quite fast. Here’s the thing though, you change screens instantly while your Pikmin do not. As such Pikmin can get stuck in a load screen while sunset is approaching and get left behind before they can change screens. Pikmin also have a new feature in regards to piles of fruit or bridge pieces in that they will return to gather more upon delivering the piece they are holding. This sounds good in theory, but seeing you’ll have more than enough Pikmin to gather up the entire pile in a single trip it just makes you wish the Pikmin would stay at the base as opposed to returning to the location and standing idle. Even the whistle has now got some serious issues. The whistle’s sensitivity is too high and as such can be tricky to aim when trying to gather a group of Pikmin. During boss fights you are often in a large room that the Pikmin will be thrown around in and it’s frustrating trying to gather them all up when you can’t move your whistle appropriately and lose Pikmin that you could have saved in the other two games. It’s just a miserable experience when you really think about it as you play.

  2. SteveO

    Oh you moderate comments? Well that means that you havent got the grapes to publish my truthful comments to counter you fanboy propoganda!

    1. Brian Hradsky

      It is just my opinion of the game, everyone is welcome to have theirs.

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