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Retro Game Reviews: “Pokémon Yellow”

250px-Yellow_EN_boxartAfter the explosive launch of Pokémon Red and Blue a special edition Pokémon Yellow was released in 1999.  This is the third game review of the Pokémon series, the review of X and Y are here.  It was the start of a tradition where Nintendo would release two Pokémon games and then a special edition, this was broken for remakes and during generation five.

Pokémon Yellow is the special Pikachu edition in response to the popularity of Pikachu from the TV show.  Each Pokémon game tries new things in the…

Story: This game tries to follow the story from the anime and changes things up quite a lot.  You are able to obtain all three starter Pokemon in game without trading.  Anime characters like Jess and James are also in the game.  We still have the beat the gym leaders and elite four story as well.  Grade B+

Gameplay: Pokémon Yellow adds some features that were not seen in a Pokémon game again until generation four.  Having Pikachu follow you outside the Pokéball like in the Anime was a joy.  Pikachu was the first Pokémon that as a trainer we could interact with.  Also the surfing Pikachu mini game was very fun.  The battling is the same as as in Red and Blue.  Grade A

Controls: Basic Pokémon controls, nothing has changed since Pokémon Red and Blue.  Grade B+

Music: Pretty much the same music as in Pokémon Red and Blue.  The good old jingles. The PIKACHU cool vocal.   Grade C+

Replayablity: Like all games if you want to replay this game you have to erase your data.  Pokémon Gold and Silver were released soon after Yellow and there is not much reason to replay the game.  Not saying that Yellow is not worth replaying if you had a second Yellow game cartridge.   Grade C

Graphics: This game was released so late into the Game Boys life span that Colors were added, a few colors.  Some of the trainers were also redone and looks generally better than Red and Blue.  Overall a slight upgrade from Red and Blue but nothing special.  Grade B

Overall: A great game that helped feed the Pokémon craze.  Popular media really influenced this game and it actually worked.  Getting to interact with Pikachu is a great bonus.  Pokémon was a rising pheonmenom at this point and Nintendo capitalized on the success.  That said there were no shortcuts taken for this game and it remains unique in the Pokémon series.    Grade A

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