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Game Reviews “New Super Mario Bros. U”

250px-NSMBU_boxcoverWhen the Nintendo Wii U was released it came with some pretty good games.  ”New Super Mario Bros. U” was one of those launch titles.  Justin and I disagree a bit with this game but I think it is great.

“New Super Mario Bros. U” was more than just a test for the new Wii U game pad.  This was the fourth installment of the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Story: The typical “save the princess” story is used.  The story has elements of past Mario games like the Koopalings.  Grade C

Gameplay: This is where “New Super Mario Bros. U” comes to shine the game play is fantastic.   The power ups are great and unlike other games that remove power ups this game keeps past power ups from “New Super Mario Bros. Wii”.  The penguin suit and propeller suit are unlock able which is a plus.  Also the squire suit is a great addition and fun play.  I love the connected overworld much better than in the predecessor.

Baby Yoshi’s are used almost like an item and greatly enhance the game play.  Yoshi is again underused but the Baby Yoshi’s make up for it.  Grade A

Graphics: Modern graphics and finally In HD, Mario has never looked so good.   All the world’s are beautiful and look crisp on in my big screen TV.  The graphics may be my favorite part of this game.  Grade A

Controls: The controller options are so diverse that the player can basically pick from three different controllers.  I personally like to use the Wii U game pad.  The controls are much smoother than in “New Super Mario Bros.  Wii”  and very crisp.  Grade A

Replayablity: I have actually already played this game much more than “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” I just find this an enjoyable game.  The bonus’ for collecting the Star Coins are much greater as they can lead to you unlocking the Penguin and Propeller suits.  Grade B+

Music:  The music is joyful just like most Mario games.  I really enjoyed the soundtrack and even though there may not have been a great standout track I really enjoyed it.  Grade B+

Overall:  A fantastic game, it helped me fall in love with my Wii U and may be my favorite game on the Wii U next to “Pikmin 3“.  “New Super Mario Bros. U” is great to play with multiple people and also has a lot of challenges to keep you busy.  Everything about this game truly out does “New Super Mario Wii” in every way.  Grade A

Here is Justin’s Seven Minutes or Less on “New Super Mario Bros. U”

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