Jul 30

Deadpool’s Awesome Test-Footage

deadpool-official-103859Rumors have been circulating the internet for years. Since the release of the generally-agreed abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there was heavy rumor of a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Turns out a movie was actually in works, with test footage from the movie being leaked online.

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Brian Hradsky

Brian Hradsky is the co-designer of SupeReal Media and owner of http://marylandsportsblog.com. He'll occasionally post about Nintendo, or other comic-related things.


  1. delete badoo

    I actually enjoyed it, and RR does a great voice for Deadpool. I would love to see him again as DeadP. My only hope that the test footage can please the people “up-stairs”.

    1. Justin Palmer

      Hopefully everyone’s positive reaction to this encourages FOX to go forward with the film. Especially because this was done back in 2011 and STILL holds up great three years later.

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